Tentative Key Dates/Schedule

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Tentative Key Dates/Schedule for Diploma Engg. in the Session 2024-25
Duration of Course: 03 Years
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Registration Start DateRegistration End DateFee Start DateFee End DateVerification Start DateVerification End DateInter-se-Merit Result Date
25.04.2024 11:00AM17.06.2024 11:59PM25.04.2024 11:00AM17.06.2024 11:59PM26.04.2024 11:00AM18.06.2024 11:59PM19.06.2024 5:00PM

Counselling NoChoice Filling Start DateChoice Filling End DateChoice Locking Start DateChoice Locking End DateSeat Allotment ResultReporting Start DateReporting End Date
120.06.2024 10:00AM24.06.2024 11:59PM20.06.2024 10:00AM24.06.2024 11:59PM25.06.2024 5:00PM26.06.2024 10:00AM29.06.2024 4:00PM
201.07.2024 10:00AM03.07.2024 11:59PM01.07.2024 10:00AM03.07.2024 11:59PM04.07.2024 5:00PM05.07.2024 10:00AM08.07.2024 5:00PM